Fitness Training

Personal training in our private gym will help you kick-start and maintain both your motivation and skills. Avoid injury, balance your workout and achieve the best results possible for your efforts.

About Fitness Training

Details and Prices for Fitness Training

Initial Consultation


Blood Type Test


Private Fitness Studio


A professional gym and fitness studio for your personal use when you need it. Workout in privacy under the guidance of our expert personal trainer. Finally, a place for your to exercise where the only person taking up space is you.

Body Composition Analysis


Personal Training

£27 per individual session £240 for a package of 10 sessions


If you are interested in what you see and want to book an appointment, come in for a consultation or just ask some questions, please either call, send an email or fill out the form.

56 Regent Street
Warwickshire CV21 2PS

P: 01788 537176

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