Male Waxing

Hair removal is our most popular male treatment and not as painful as men envisage. Prior to the treatment – the therapist will cleanse the area and may trim the hairs if they are too long to be waxed. Generally the hairs will be trimmed to a maximum of 10mm. The therapist will then apply a high quality cream warm wax and remove the unwanted hair. Afterwards, a soothing tea tree lotion is applied to help the skin recover from the shock of the waxing treatment.

About Male Waxing

Benefits of salon waxing

Will help keep skin looking naturally smoothSlows down hair growth – and will make hair become finerEliminates stubble growthWaxing lasts up to for up to 8 weeks – compare that to shaving which lasts a day or twoEnhances muscle definition

Details and Prices for Male Waxing

Back, Chest and Shoulders Wax


Eyebrow Grooming


Back and Shoulders Wax


Back Wax


Chest and Shoulders Wax


Chest Wax


Full Male Arm Wax


Full Leg Wax



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