Female Waxing

Waxing is the quickest way to remove unwanted hair from the body with efficient simplicity. We use the Lycon Precision Waxing System, the world leader in waxing technologies, to enable us to remove hair as short as 1mm!

About Female Waxing

Details and Prices for Female Waxing

Full leg wax


Perfect for a summer evening or a fancy party. Enjoy the beauty of your bare legs in style.

Full Body Wax


The works! No place unattended. The full body wax ensures that every inch of one's skin is fresh, smooth and hairless.

High leg and bikini wax


This bikini wax treatment includes the bikini area and the top part of the legs.

Half leg wax


A nice way to get your legs in shape for a cool pair of shorts in the summer.

Side of face wax


Sometimes those soft, fine hairs can get a bit too fuzzy over time. This treatment will restore the side of your face to fresh, clean, smoothness.

Lip or Chin wax


Tidy up those stray hairs that pop up from time to time, they are sometimes more visible to others than to you.

Lip and chin wax


Two areas in a combination that provides complete satisfaction.

Full leg and bikini wax


Get ready for a trip to the beach or spa with this complete lower body treatment


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