The best testimonial I’ve ever received


I would like to share with you, the best testimonial I’ve ever received from my customer. I decided to share it with you because I am happy to have such great customers who can say thank you in a unique way. Deeanne Clarke, you are great!

Pure Harmony Clinic – Stone Massage Review

Saturday 23rd January

My appointment was with the rather dashing Dariusz for a hot stone massage. It wasn’t the first visit. I had already had several hour long Swedish massages since discovering Pure Harmony Clinic last summer when they popped on my Amazon local beauty feed.

The building at Rugby’s Regent Street, is always warm and welcoming and offers a wide variety of services for health and wellbeing, massage is just one such service.

I’m met by Dariusz and taken to the top floor of the clinic. The room is warm and inviting even though it is the middle of winter outside. Dariusz leaves the room for me to get ready. I get undressed into just my bra and knickers and lie down on the massage table in between a thick warm towel. Soft music, a mix of water, classical and sounds of nature plays softly in the background and I am very quickly feeling relaxed and at ease.

A few moments later there is a knock on the door and my masseuse enters. I haven’t seen him since November and so we chat for a few moments about my recent trip to Thailand whilst he makes the preparation to begin my hour long treatment. After a few moments it is time to begin. Dariusz starts with my hands and arms. First using massage oil to warm and get the circulation going. Then it is the turn of the hot stones. It is such a warming sensation. The stones are smooth and very warm, hot even, but in soothing way. Each stone has a flat edge leading to a curved perfectly smooth short edge which is used to work deep into the hands, oscillating between the two sides of the stone. It is a pleasant relaxing motion, and the warmth of the stones adds to the ambience and I feel my body is being given a treat. I relax and close my eyes.

The treatment continues hands, then arms, feet then legs. The stones are changed frequently to maintain the warmth required to generate the additional benefits that seem to add to the standard massage. After about 40 minutes or so I turn over and the next stage of the treatment begins. I rest my head on a pillow and my face in the cut out and raise my arms alongside my head, deeply relaxed. My bra is unsnapped and I close my eyes and drift. Blissfully happy, safe and warm. A stone is placed under my tummy and then a large stone at the base of my back. I can feel its weight but it not heavy, its heat is already radiating into my base. More stones are then added from the base to the nape of my neck and the warming sensation is at its maximum. More stones are placed in between my toes and miraculously seem to stay in place with just tension, but to make sure my feet are lightly wrapped under the towel. More stones are place on my calf muscles but on top of the towel rather than beneath it. I am wrapped in the towel from head to toe and left to sink into a peaceful almost dreamlike state.About 10 minutes later and Dariusz returns, the stones removed and the massage bed lowered back to its original setting. The masseuse exits the room and I slowly come back to reality. I’m smiling broadly, this was a treat and my body and soul welcomed it enormously. I get dressed and make my way back down the stairs to reception. Should I book again? Well of course! Same time next month, same treatment, well it will still be winter!

Deeanne Clarke