Before I came to Pure Harmony Clinic, I was much more hesitant and reluctant to step outside and participate in things than I am today.  I look back at how I was and realise I am so much happier with how I look, and that my self-confidence has come back with a vengeance as a direct result!  I am no longer disappointed about my appearance, and I am constantly being told that I look ten years younger. It hasn’t changed how I live life, but the way I look now reflects what I feel inside and this has empowered me and my self esteem!

This is my story and the story of how it happened.

It was shortly after my son announced he was getting married that I took a really good look at myself in the mirror. The big day was just three short months away – I knew I wanted to look my best, but I couldn’t see how I could possibly achieve it on my own in that time.

I would look at my reflection critically for the first time in years, and all I could see looking back was my Mother’s face. This came as a shock and I realised that for far too long I had been too busy looking after others and had forgotten how to spend time looking after myself. I didn’t like what I saw and I didn’t like how it made me feel.

I’d spent forty years working in an office, and I looked permanently tired. My skin appeared flat and had lost its glow, I’d developed saggy looking jowls and crow’s feet, and I appeared overweight.  I was in a place far away from how I wanted to look at my son’s wedding.

I realised I was faced with making decisions about how I could improve how I looked, but I had no plan. All I knew for sure was that I wanted to look better.

But where to start? I didn’t know anything about what options were available to me, so I looked around on the internet for somewhere that could advise me on what was possible. That search led me to the Pure Harmony Clinic in Rugby, which offered the widest range of treatments under the one roof, and it was local!  They offer a free initial consultation, so I decided that this would be the ideal starting point in my search for a solution.

The initial consultation had no obligation to go ahead, but after talking to the consultants for a short time, I completely overcame my embarrassment about my body shape.  Their professionalism and openness really helped to change my feelings about where I was and how I could get to where I wanted to be.

For some time I had felt that my outward appearance didn’t really reflect how I felt on the inside, but my approach soon changed from one of defeat to a positive certainty that, with their support, I had enough time to transform my appearance in time for the Wedding. They really made me feel that the results I wanted to achieve within the timeframe were possible, and I left the clinic feeling positive and invigorated with new hope!

Together the consultants and I devised a plan to get “wedding ready” using a combination of exercise and changes in my diet, alongside a variety of treatments​.

I had never done anything like this before, and yet I didn’t feel scared or nervous. The consultants each talked me through what was going to happen in their specialist field, and they each made me feel very calm and reassured.

Some of the treatments are not very well known in this country, but once the technology and science had been talked through, I felt confident in the results that could be achieved, and that I was in good hands. And the results really have been life changing. I feel so good about myself now.

About a month and a half after I started, I had dropped a dress size and the outfit I had got for the Wedding already needed to be altered. You can imagine how delighted I was!  

Aside from following my customised diet plan, the 3D lipo treatments I underwent helped changed my body shape, and the facial treatments made my skin much more supple and younger looking. This rapid change had the effect of strengthening my determination to keep going. I could see the changes taking place and I knew I could achieve more!

So three months sped by, and on the day of the Wedding I looked and felt fantastic.  I knew I looked the best I had looked in a very, very long time, and it turned a happy occasion into an absolutely wonderful day from start to finish from which a new me emerged.

My advice to anyone thinking about making a lifestyle change such as the one I have gone though is “try it”, but don’t do it alone.  It is really hard to change at first, which is why it is so much easier if you go and talk to a professional.  The Consultants at Pure Harmony Clinic really know what they are doing, and they can definitely help you achieve the results you want.

Talk to them and put away your fears or reservations. They will help to motivate you, strengthen your resolve, and support you all the way.  Don’t put it off…you can start small, and just see where it goes.

You won’t regret it.