Getting Lean For Summer

At the time of writing this article summer is starting, the heat is rising and, for many of us, what we start thinking about is how we can lose some pounds and get our bodies looking a little leaner, a little fitter and in better shape. So we hit the gym and spend a few weeks trying to get ourselves looking how we want.

But it doesn’t work as expected! Why not?

 Well, whether you want to hit the beach looking good or to simply improve your confidence, just working out isn’t going to achieve much without the right diet and a proper plan for both workout and rest.

There are three main elements behind body shaping and these are:

1.       Calorie Intake

2.       Dietary Supplements

3.       Training

If you only focus on one of these then you won’t get the effect you want. That’s a guarantee that science will confirm. To get the right results you have to recognise the role that each of these play in getting lean and trim.

Let’s go over each of these in turn.

Calorie Intake

Everybody knows that it’s important to set a calorie target, but most people have no idea what that target should be and just pick a number that sounds right. Frequently that number is not correct as each body type needs to be treated differently. Your diet should be calculated according to the needs of your specific physical requirements. You need to calculate your metabolic rate and energy intake in order to know how many calories your body needs to work at maximum efficiency. Too many and you won’t lose weight, too few and you won’t be able to work your body into the shape you want.

Dietary and Sport Supplements

Whilst working with a planned diet and training routine, if you really want to maximise the muscle growth and fat reduction achieved by your fitness routine you need to be looking at supplements.

The following are six proven sports supplement types which support rapid fat loss. Using these, along with a proper meal and fitness plan, you can achieve impressive results in only four weeks.