Getting ready for Summer

It’s that time of year when we look at ourselves in the mirror as our minds turn towards the long summer months. Opportunities for lazing on the beach or partying late into the warm summer evenings beckon and get us thinking about how we can make ourselves look amazing.

We examine ourselves, thinking about the admiring looks we might attract, and decide what we need to do so that we will feel confident and take the most pleasure from our holidays. Most often these thoughts end up concentrating on two areas; Hair removal and getting slim.

But is it too late to do anything about it?

Well, it depends. So long as there are at least five weeks before you need to look your best you should be able to undergo two treatments that will be effective for hair removal and five for slimming. Anything less than a week and you won’t be able to take advantage of the full range of technologies that can make things easy and effective and may have to fall back on more traditional and less efficient ways to make yourself look the way you want.

So, for this article let’s consider the most popular treatment types that people think about when they look forward to wearing more revealing clothing whilst enjoying the sun, wherever they may be.

Hair Removal: Getting that Sleek and Silky Summer feeling.

Hair is natural. We all have it in places we wish we didn’t. Everyone has, at some point, looked at themselves and wished that those annoying strands of imperfection would just stop appearing like weeds on a perfect lawn.

Unwanted hair has been something that both Women and Men have been fighting against for thousands of years. In Ancient Egypt, Women would remove all of their body hair, including that on their heads, with seashells fashioned into tweezers, pumice stones, and waxes made from beeswax and sugar. Ouch!

In Roman times, people used flint as a razor blades as well as combinations of tweezers, creams, and stones to remove hair. The Romans had more of an obsession about pubic hair than you will find in even the most extreme of current fashions as hair was considered to be the sign of a savage.

In the England of Elizabeth I, women would soak their foreheads to remove eyebrows and hair as a fashion, using cat urine and vinegar infused bandages. Sounds lovely!

Thankfully we live in much better times and we are even able to stop hair growth entirely using techniques such as laser and IPL. It is this that makes these treatments so popular. Imagine not having to even think about getting rid of hair if it doesn’t grow in the first place.

However, as IPL and Laser hair removal work with light they require careful and expert practitioners to ensure you don’t end up getting burned or damaged. The sun plays a crucial role in how effective and safe these treatments are and if you are thinking about a course of treatments to remove that pesky hair for as long as possible, then you have to plan ahead.

You should not consider IPL less than a week before you are due to go on holiday, although for it to start making a huge difference you’ll need about five weeks. There should be at least four weeks between treatments, and to be really effective you need at least two treatments, although you will see results after one. The ideal for IPL is a course of five treatments, each with four weeks between them. If you go to a hot climate or get a lot of exposure to the sun too soon (48 hours is usually sufficient time, but this may vary depending on your skin type) after being treated then you run the risk of injury.

Also, you get the best results if you are not too tanned and if you have shaved and not waxed. The treatment requires that there is some hair slightly visible that the light can travel down to zap those hair follicles that cause so much misery. Waxing makes this very difficult to achieve, especially as the hairs that grow back are finer and less able to conduct heat.

So, if you are planning to go away between one and three weeks away, you can have one treatment. If you’re going away in less than a week, you’re going to need a different method to remove hair. If you’re going away in five weeks, and can get an appointment in the next few days, you can get two treatments booked, and so-on.

If you want to remove that hair and want to know the best and safest way to do it, come in for a free consultation and talk to the experts. Remember, we want you as a happy customer and if that means it’s not a good time for you to have a treatment, we won’t suggest it. Your happiness and safety are our number one concern.

Rapid Slimming: The Holy Grail of modern living.

The mirror can be cruel, let’s face it. What we see in our imagination is seldom what we see in the mirror. Little rolls of fat poking up over the top of that perky little skirt or the sudden interruption of the smooth line of your hip by the impression left from your bikini.

But don’t despair!

3D Lipo is here to the rescue, and it’s not too late to make a difference before you hit the beach.

On average, we achieve half an inch in fat reduction with a single forty minute treatment. You can have one treatment every seven days and it is most effective on the abdomen, inner thighs, buttocks and arm wings. Anywhere subcutaneous fat has grabbed hold and won’t leave without a fight is suitable for treatment. So, if you’re going away in a month, for example, you could lose as much as 2 inches on those areas over four treatments!

It’s painless and simple. You just lie down whilst the 3D Lipo system does its magic. You can take satisfaction in the knowledge that those annoying fat cells are being blasted into liquid, by ultrasonic frequencies, that will simply be flushed out of your body when you urinate.

The amount lost can vary, but half an inch each treatment is an accurate average. The best results we ever achieved was two inches after one session and eight inches after fifteen treatments! A spectacular result by anyone’s standard.

Of course, having a 3D Lipo treatment and then celebrating with a deep pan pizza and tub of ice cream isn’t going to help you much, so make sure you’re really serious about slimming down or you’ll just be throwing your money away!

If you want to discuss this or any other treatment to make your holiday be a dream to remember rather than a nightmare to forget, call us and book a free consultation. We’ll be honest and open and help you to achieve your goals.

But don’t take too long deciding about it, Summer is starting and the holidays are nearly here.