Let's make one thing perfectly clear...Semi Permanent Makeup is not a tattoo in anything like a traditional sense. A tattoo is something that injects ink into your skin and it stays with you forever. Semi-Permanent makeup does not stay with you forever and the pigments used in this procedure are nothing like the inks used in a traditional tattoo. Depending on the type of pigment used and skin type, it lasts up to 3 years. Also, the pigments used in good quality Semi-Permanent makeup don’t change unnaturally over time. The colour fades, certainly, but it does so by lightening gradually so that the change looks completely natural, unlike that with a traditional tattoo or from using cheap pigments. It is the case that if you use a cheap pigment the colour changes in a completely unnatural way, creating colours that don't exist in nature and sometimes disappearing completely. Thankfully for our customers, we don't use cheap pigments!

At Pure Harmony Clinic we use only the best quality pigments and perform the treatment in a natural way, so our Semi-Permanent Makeup treatments are in no way comparable to what you would think of as a tattoo.

We want our customers to be always comfortable and happy with the results, so we take great care to ensure that the results we achieve are natural looking, whether it be lips, eyes or brows and to do this we have several methods that we use depending on what we want to achieve.

‍Nouveau Contour Intelligent Machine

Firstly, there is the Nouveau Contour Intelligent Machine. Using this we apply various model pigments and styles to the desired area such as a powdered look, a hair stroke look or an eyeliner style. These are all designed to look extremely natural and follow a high standard of practice.

Another method is Microblading, which is very popular nowadays. Using this technique, pigment is put just under the skin surface where lines are drawn manually using highly specialised equipment in order to imitate the hairs of the eyebrow. We take great care to ensure the customer is happy with how it will look before committing the pigment to the skin by drawing the lines on first and agreeing how the final appearance will look.

For lips, we don’t work with unnatural colours such as brown or bright red, but try to keep things as natural as possible, simply enhancing the natural colours that are not as obvious as they could be.

The purpose of Semi-Permanent Makeup is to make life simple. You can still use normal makeup on top of the semi-permanent makeup if you wish, but the main difference semi-permanent makeup will make to your everyday life is that you can go swimming or have a workout and finish looking as beautiful as if you had spent time reapplying the makeup that gets washed of through such activities. It would be true to say that semi-permanent makeup can act as the perfect foundation, perfect for the busy woman who has better things to do with their time than worry about whether their makeup is on right.

Semi-permanent makeup is also very useful for those people who have a problem applying makeup in a traditional way. People who suffer from poor eyesight or have tremors in their hands don’t need to worry about whether their makeup has been applied properly, they know it has and can forget all about it if they wish.

Semi-permanent makeup is also good for those people who may have lost their hair for some reason or if, for example, they have spent years plucking their eyebrows and now have a situation where hair simply won’t grow back properly and they have a shape which appears unnatural. Also, if you have very light eyes and want to apply some definition with eyeliner, semi-permanent makeup can provide a reliable foundation on which to build your traditional makeup.

It’s important to remember that semi-permanent makeup shouldn’t be seen as a full replacement for makeup, but as a solid and natural looking enhanced foundation that can be built upon using traditional makeup.

Women are not the only people that can benefit from a treatment, men too use this procedure on occasion. We had one customer who developed frostbite when away in the mountains and we gave his lips the colour that had been removed by the damage caused by frostbite.

Another therapeutic benefit of semi-permanent makeup is for the covering up of scars

As a therapist, I have seen how semi-permanent makeup gives confidence to those who have lost it as their face, when not prepared with makeup, doesn’t have the colour, definition or vibrancy that is present in young, healthy skin.

As a Linergist, I get greatest satisfaction from my job when I make a real difference to someone’s life. To be able to see people gain confidence and pleasure from a transformation where I have successfully treated scarring or alopecia, where my client simply has no hair and needs help and specialist care, is one of the many achievements I count myself fortunate to gain every day. Semi-Permanent Makeup enables this and I take my responsibilities and skills very seriously, approaching each client with understanding and an individual approach, specific to their needs.